The Sagittarius looks perfectly neat and clean; do not focus much on beautification. The Sagittarius looks perfectly beautiful and hand-some in nature. The Sagittarius does maintain some standards in dressing up them; but do not put more emphasis on spending too much on improving their appearance. In general, the Sagittarius looks neat, clean and elegant.


The Sagittarius speeches are very gentle, polite and courteous. The Sagittarius never speaks any ill about others. The Sagittarius never hurt anyone by their speeches. The Sagittarius does not show much interest on the gossips too. The Sagittarius tries to talk in an optimistic ways; and never confuse anyone through their pessimistic talks. Sometimes the speeches of the Sagittarius do not contain any important messages; it is simply empty and casual too. 


The Sagittarius’s are good at organizing party functions, get together and social events. The Sagittarius’ are fully energized and feel very happy about meeting new peoples; they like to join and enjoy the get together too. The Sagittarius show minimal interests in arts, cultural and theatre programs. The Sagittarius attends those arts and cultural functions only to boost their social standings; and to make new friends. Travelling becomes the best entertainment for the Sagittarius; they simply love to visit so many places. 


The Sagittarius has no significant enemies. The Sagittarius does not allow any problems to go out of control; but actively engage some compromises to bring the troubles under control. The Sagittarius prefers to sacrifice their interests, if that brings some solution to the problems. The Sagittarius will not allow any problems to lie dormant for longer period of time. Also the Sagittarius will not carry on any vengeance on any person too. The Sagittarius would not allow the list of their enemies to grow. Thus Sagittarius adjusts, sacrifice and negotiate with their foes to bring quick solution to the problems.  


The Sagittarius’ are healthy and do not keep them fit. The Sagittarius’ are quiet lazy to regularly exercise to keep them fit. The Sagittarius could be affected by blood related illness, asthma and cold related illness. The Sagittarius will not suffer from any serious life threatening illness. But Sagittarius has to be careful on travelling and while doing any physical activities.  


The Sagittarius will be quiet successful in the Politics; they simply rise to the top level. The Sagittarius rise in the politics could be attributed to the clean image and excellent reputation they hold in the eyes of the public. The Sagittarius will never manipulate and choose an illegal method to come to the top political level. Similarly, the Sagittarius does not have the capacity to sustain them at the political level. The basic characters of the Sagittarius make them to more vulnerable to the designs of the opponents. But the Sagittarius will be remembered as a popular leader.



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